Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University and Recognized by UGC-New Delhi with 2(f) 12 (B) status
Reaccredited by NAAC with 'B' grade
Ambilikkai - 624 612, Dindigul Dist., Tamil Nadu


Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University
Recognized by UGC-New Delhi
Reaccredited by NAAC with 'B' grade


About Library


The Eleanor Harwood library is the central part of the academic and research activities of the RJMCC, which is serving right from the inception of the Institution. Its mission is to provide collections and services that support the educational goals of the institution. All routine functions of the library are automated with the help of ModernLib Integrated Library Management Systems (ILMS). The books are classified using ‘Dewey Decimal Classification 19th Edition’, and are arranged in the shelf according to the class numbers. For cataloguing the library follows “Anglo American Cataloguing Rule 2” method. For locating individual book the author number also given in the spinal cord by using “3 Digit Cutter-Sanborn Three Figure Author Table.” The library has more than 7907 (as at the end of academic year 2022-2023) volumes of books were accessed, 313 back volumes, and 241 dissertations along with subscriptions of 18 periodicals (14 English and 4 Tamil) including subject journals. Apart from the college students, faculty members, administrative and non teaching faculty members and non members from other institutions are allowed to access with the proper permission.


LIBRARY WORKING HOURS: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm in all working days.


  • The following are entitled to enroll themselves as a members
  • Students and teacher of the college
  • Administrative staff of the college
  • A person, who is not a member, shall be admitted into the library.However,non-member shall be admitted only by special permit to the issued by the librarian or his deputy during his absence. The decision of the librarian or his deputy shall be final.
  • Membership / identity card will be shown at the counter when requested.
  • Every member shall enter his name and member in the gate register.
  • Personal things of the user shall be left at the property counter.
  • Silence shall be strictly observed in the library.
  • No person shall damage or disfigure books or other property of the library. A member shall have to replace such books or other properties damaged or injured or make payment for the value thereof.

The members are entitled to take books on loan on a scale given below;

  • UG First and Second Years – 1 book
  • UG Third Years – 2 books
  • PG students – 4 books
  • Teachers – 8 books
  • Administrative staff – 2 books

Members shall be required to renew the tickets annually

  • A member who loses a ticket should give a written report to the librarian. A duplicate ticket shall be issued on payment of fee Rs.100 for each duplicate ticket after a lapse of two weeks from the date of such a notice. He shall be required to sign an indemnity bond.
  • Members shall be the responsible for the misuse of reader’s tickets.
  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing.
  • Otherwise they shall be the responsible for any damage or mutilation or missing notice at the time of returning.
  • In such condition, the users should replace the book and paid twice the cost of the book as penalty.
  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing.
  • Otherwise they shall be help responsible for any damage or mutilation notice at the time of returning.
  • Reference books, rare books, periodical publications are not ordinarily issued on loan. However, which shall be issued over night in necessary conditions.
  • All books on loan shall be returned at the expiry of a fortnight from the date of issue unless specified otherwise.
  • Books in special demand may be lent for a shorter period as decided by the librarian.
  • Loans may be terminated at any time by the order to the librarian.
  • An overdue charge of Rs.1 per volume per day shall be charged
  • Members who repeatedly fail to return books on due date will lose the privilege of membership of the library.
  • A book on loan may be reserved for borrowing by the other members.
  • Reader’s tickets are not transferable.
  • The case of misbehavior or discourtesy by the staff or unwillingness to provide service shall be reported to the librarian or his deputy during his absence.
  • A member, who infringes rules, shall be liable to forfeit his privilege of admission to and borrowing of books from the library
  • Selection, return and reservation of books can be done in between 9.00am – 9.45am, 1.00pm – 1.30pm and 4.05pm – 5.00pm only.
  • All the students must come to the library in allotted library hour with an accompany staff only with an assignment topic. That should be entered in the Gate Register.
  • For casual reading anybody can come to the library in between 9.00am – 9.45am, 1.00pm – 1.30pm and 4.05pm – 5.00pm only.
  • Apart from the students are not allow to library without the proper information from the faculty during the college working hours.

The following sections / areas are available in the library:

  • The library books are classified with International Standard Classification Method namely “DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION – 19th EDITION”. According to the classification system whole stock section will be arranged with the Main Classes 000 to 999.
  • Under the main class the books arranged according to Sub and Sub-Sub division.
  • Under the each Same Class Number documents according to the authors, arranged alphabetically.
  • For the author arrangement, the library follows THREE DIGIT AUTHOR TABLE by CUTTER SANBORN. Shelf list displayed in front of every book racks.
  • By using the shelf list, users can easily identify their needful books.
The seating capacity in stock section is 6.
  • The reference section holds general reference books like Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, years books, atlases etc.
  • Other than the general reference books, the reference section accommodates subject reference books for Commerce, Business Administration, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Language and Literature.
  • The books in the reference section will not be circulated.
  • The seating capacity in reference section is 6.
  • The books with frequent usage and are in high demand are kept in ‘Reserved Shelf’ for immediate reference purpose alone and are not meant for circulation.
  • Books of Biochemistry, Commerce, Business Administration, Computer Applications, English and Tamil are placed presently in the reserved shelf.
  • The general reading area located in between the stock and reference section which houses back volumes, GK books for competitive examinations.
  • Periodical section and Catalogue Cabinet are present in the general reading area.
  • The seating capacity in general reading section is 48.
  • The library has 313 back volumes of various periodical like, Competitive Success Review, GK Today, Nature, National Geography etc.
  • Presently it was kept in reference section and in general reading area.
  • More than 50 back volumes are ready to bind.
  • Presently library has 241 dissertations which are arranged chronologically and as author wise.
  • For the academic year 2022 – 2023, the Eleanor Harwood Library subscribed 18 periodicals (14 English and 4 Tamil Language) including magazines and subject journals.
In general reading section, there is a section for general knowledge books which also holds the graded books for enriching the fluency in English, GK books (Aptitudes and reasoning, books for group exams, 6 to 12 standard books for group exam preparations etc) and General Sciences.

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The library follows “DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION – 19th EDITION” for the classification purpose of books.
  • The library follows “ANGLO AMERICAN CATALOGUING RULES 2 – AACR 2” for preparing catalogue cards.
  • The Library Prepared approximately one fourth of the documents in manual catalogue cards
  • Author and Title Entries were prepared and arranged in the catalogue cabinet which placed in general reading area.
  • The commercial Library Automated Software named “MODERN LIB” was purchased installed on April 2021 (19.04.2021).
  • The barcode created and pasted for all the books which located in stock and reference section.
  • In between January and March of 2021, all the deparmental books which maintained by Biochemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Few books from Commerce, Physics and Electronics were shifted to central library.
  • Preparation of classifying and barcode is in process.
  • The complete books in the stock section are ready and circulated by using library automation software.
  • Library Barcode ID given almost to all the UG, PG and Faculty Members. By using the barcode ID the circulation started from the month of April 2022.
  • For the safety purpose, the library follows both manual and electronic circulation system.
  • Library orientation (User Education) for the fresh students and faculties / if necessary for others at the time of new entry.
  • Lending service
  • Readers’ Advisory Service
  • Document Locating Service
  • Provision of general and specific information
  • Reservation service
  • Inter Library Loan services
  • Cataloguing service (Finding and locating document with available cards)
  • Assistance in the user of catalogue
  • Assistance in the use of reference books
  • N-list database services
  • Assisting available free open source resources like NDLI, etc in necessary situation to the users.